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Summer 2022 Registration 

Begins May 1st

~Visit ​Summer 2022 page for more info~

Fall 2022 Registration 

Begins July 1st 

~Visit ​Fall 2022 page for more info~

About Carroll Music Studio

Find out what Carroll Music Studio & Sarah Carroll are all about!

Private Lessons

Find out more about lessons, including costs, scheduling & registration. 

Are you (or your student) ready for private lessons?

Still not sure if you or your student is ready for private lessons.  Read through the info on this page for help!

Recital Spring 2017

Talent is just the beginning!

Adapted from a quote by Irvin Berlin- "Talent is only the starting point."- Carroll Music Studio truly believes that all success comes from nurturing teachers & hard work.  At Carroll Music Studio, the owner, Sarah, encourages students to work hard & have grace with each other and with themselves to reach their full potential.  As a result, they not only become better musicians, but also better students, better citizens and better humans!